Atomic Habits Summary by James Clear It is a comprehensive as well as concise guide to teach you good manners in life.Atomic Habits Summary by James Clear It is a comprehensive as well as concise guide to teach you good manners in life.

In this article, we will discuss Atomic Habits Summary by James Clear. It is a comprehensive as well as concise guide to teach you good manners in life. This book Atomic Habits Summary illustrates the ways in which you can bring better change in your life by adapting small things to daily life. It teaches you how to be more effective in your daily conduct of life. It is aimed at making you more refined and effective in your dealings and daily affairs of life. The author of this book is aimed at teaching you the practical; way of learning these conducts of a good and happy life. By adopting these methods you can live a happy and blessed life. We can say that author of this book is rightly on the straight path to teach you morality and good values. He has not merely illustrated this concept by his sayings but also put a greater emphasis on the application of these good conducts in our daily routine. He has adopted a practical framework and method to construct a proper theory of good manners. He has employed a better way through this framework to teach humanity in the best political way. He is of the view that if all of us will be able to adopt this framework in our life nobody can stop us from being more civilized and generous. He has used this mechanism to illustrate the details about the good and bad manners of life. He is obviously in favour of adopting good manners in each and every conduct of life. He says that no one is perfect until he follows the principles of morality.

Atomic Habits Summary by James Clear

In Atomic Habits Summary He has employed the four major laws of behaviour change calling them atomic habits of our life. He put emphasis on the fact that if we change our behaviour daily through these atomic habits we can lead a peaceful and prosperous life.

James Clear suggests that the environment is the only force which is responsible for governing human nature and habits; he is of the view that human beings will adopt the habits which are more frequent in their primitive environment. He quotes the example from Smith who has laid the foundation of modern Economics. He was of the view that in a Market system, the labourer will definitely work and prefer the well-being of their strata. They will not take care of the other trends set up in the market. In this way, human beings will be capable of learning the lesson and behaviours from their environment. He is deliberately on the right path to introduce the atomic habits in their early environment so that they will be able to learn the atomic habits from their surroundings. James clearly is of the view that introducing any atomic habit externally in the atmosphere will be a key fact for introducing a major change in society. He is of the view that they all will learn gradually from these external habits and will be able to learn it most effectively.

When Atomic Habits Summary goes ahead then, he suggests some steps in the development of the promotion of any habit in man’s nature. The author of the book is of the view that there are four stages in the development of a habit. Cue is the first process in the development of man’s habits which is aimed at the man will be able to get a reward as a result of any acceptance of change. Craving is the second step which illustrates the man’s desire to get anything in his life. The response is the third step in which man needs action to execute something. The reward is the final step in the behaviour process. It can be illustrated as a strong and satisfying thing that we feel and realize after getting anything.

The author of the book formulates the four laws of atomic habits which aim to correspond to each other. The author is interested to differentiate and explain the different ways how we can be able to adopt good manners and how we can get rid of bad manners.

He explains different ways how we can feel better and how can get ease in our life. The author of the book suggests that we should not conceal or hide our accommodations. We should share it with others in the best way. We should have the courage to display our fruits in front of all rather we conceal or hide them in any of the fruit baskets. We should be able to adopt the method of distributing things in all. This will make us generous and will make our life safe and easy.

He says that we should present such fruits to all which are easy to peel and swallow, in this way he wants to exhibit the idea that we should not give difficulties to anyone. The author of the book suggests that you should execute an action in such a way that can easily give you pleasure and satisfying vibes. He quotes the example of eating a fruit that can easily give you a better taste and relaxing mood. By making the points, the author has deliberately presented a way in which you can live a peaceful life with your family. He says that your family should be your first priority and family can provide you with lots of moments of smoothness and comfort in your life. You can also enjoy it by giving some extra time to your work. In this way, the writer has tried to exhibit a general principle of how we can be able to live happily. He also suggests ways how we can get rid of bad habits in our daily routine. He advised us to get rid of bad habits by adopting different methods. He says that one should avoid the habit of smoking and should try to avoid it before others.

He further suggests that when we apply such kind of framework to develop and learn different habits it would be a greater fun and more interesting process. This will give you calmness and relaxation in your general attitude. You will be able to learn greater things and be able to face difficult situations in your life. The author suggests that one should use a habits tracker in order to have a check and balance on your habits and will be able to regulate your daily habits. It is a much greater way to get accomplished with the better things. In this way, you will become accountable and answerable to yourself. We can learn this simply by keeping an open eye on all our changing habits. We should be able to have a record of all our habits and changing attitudes in our daily routine.

You should have an assessment test at the end of the day and should quit all those habits and traits which prove hindrances in the development of your personality traits. The author of the book is of the view that we should be able to get rid of all the bad habits by these assessment methods. You can use different devices in this regard to keep a record of your habits; you can use a diary, calendar, note pad and different articles in order to print the record of your daily changing habits.

Habits are often attributed as a method of self-improvement and self-learning. The author of the book is mainly interested in the process of self-learning of the human being. The author of the book suggests that this is the only attitude which we need all to learn and appreciate. He is deliberately interested in showing the right path to mankind. He is of the view that by learning these four atomic habits mankind would survive in an easy and better way.

The author of the book titles good habits as the chain reaction. He says that a good habit costs nothing and we can spread these habits in an easy way. If we will treat people in a good-mannered way they will automatically treat us in the same way. He says that the productivity of the good manners and habits is thus titled a scientific hack and scientific productivity relationship. One good attitude will rise to the other attitude and similarly, this will go on changing and increasing with the passage of time. in this way, man has to learn good habits with the daily changing routine of the time. Thus James has succeeded in building a strong narrative that small atomic habits are necessary to our daily attitudes. If we keep learning in changing the daily routine of life we would be able to build a healthy society. For this purpose, he has quoted different examples and several instances so we can learn easily from the facts. Everyone who is moving in society will learn from the environment and will be able to get affected by the changing circumstances. It would be up to you what kind of changes you adopt from your surroundings and how you get motivated by them.

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