Was vs Were grammar rules, when to use was vs were and was were usage are used in English Grammar, it shows past happening and events.

Was vs Were grammar rules, when to use was vs were and was were usage are used in English Grammar, it shows past happening and events. In English  grammar rules when you are talking  about moment that happened in the past, then was were are used over there. For example I was in Pakistan last month on holiday. Use of was were in that cases when the subject that follow to singular and plural for example was uses When I opened the box I found there was book in this box.

USE WAS, Were How to teach use or usage of was were
When we teach of other person first We can start by answering this question. What are Was /Were and when can you use these verb. Actually was and were are the past tense ‘Was” is used for singular objects and were is used for Plural object. So you use with I, He ,She, It and singular subjects

Use/ usage of was were for begginer
When we teach to the begginer how to learn  use of was and were first of all we explain
Was Singular object were plurals object was” singular object When the subject is a singular noun, “was” is. also used with I,  he. She It. When the subject is Plural noun “Were also used we you, they. Use of was Were in form of
different sentences.

If you want to make form of positive sentences, then you need.

Subject+ was/were + object verb


He was a boy.

They were boy

Was vs WERE examples 
The boy was playing all the day.

The boys were playing all the day.

She was singing a song

They were singing a song.

If you want to form of negative sentences, then you need

Subject+ was/were + not + object verb

He was not a boy.

They were not boy

If you want to form of  question or interrogative sentences, then you need

Was/were + subject + object verb + question mark (?)

Interrogative word + was/were + subject + object verb + question mark (?)

Was he a boy?

Were they  boy ?

Why was he a boy?

Why were they  boy ?

uses of was were .
“Was? Was is used for singular object and “Were is used for Plural object Was will use
with he, she, it,  I .
Were  they will use with you, we and they also with plural subjects use
was were in Past continuous tense with helping verb “Ing”

He was reading
They were playing foot ball
foot ball in play ground.
Condition use of Was, were

WAS WERE used condition that
existed in past

Usage WAS vs WERE grammar rules present continues (Active voice and passive voice)

Was and are also use in passive sentences, in English grammar past continues sentences active voice and passive voice are used and in these sentences was and were employed, for example

Active VoicePassive Voice
She was playing hockeyHockey was being played by her
They were playing HockeyHockey were being played by them *
We were playing cricketcricket were being played by us *
I was playing gameGame was being played by me

John was baking a bread.

A bread was being baked by John.

An other place WAS and WERE  use

Was vs Were grammar rules

In the sentences of “There”  WAS and WERE use. Actually, In the sentence of  “There” reveals something or nothing in any place, thing and in person.

  • There was one sofa in the classroom.
  • There were three tables in the classroom.
  • There was a fly in the bath.
  • There were many students at the airport
  • Negative Form The negative is formed by putting not after WAS or WERE:

There was not a goat in the field.

There were not ten women in the school.

There was not a plant in the garden.

There were not two lion in the park.

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