Emma novel summary starts here in detailed concept,Emma is the beautiful protagonist of the novel who is running her business as a matchmakerEmma novel summary starts here in detailed concept,Emma is the beautiful protagonist of the novel who is running her business as a matchmaker

Jane Austen is interested to write about social issues. Her chief interest lies in the matrimonial subject. She uses to take the matrimonial issue as a subject for her novels. That is why she is condemned for her narrow range. Emma novel critical summary starts here in detailed concept, Emma is the beautiful protagonist of the novel who is running her business as a matchmaker. She thinks herself much intelligent and fit to be in this post. She belongs to the upper class of society. Her parents were not alive and she was brought up by her governess. She also uses it to make her match with Mr. Waston. Emma at the start of the novel is trying to build a match between her friend Harriet Smith and Robin Martin. She is interested to tie them in a relationship. But it seems quite difficult at the moment. George Knightly was having a critical opinion about the profession of Emma Woodhouse. He thinks that she cannot build a stronger relationship between the two persons.


So for that purpose, he suggests that she should abandon her profession of match-making. But she was determined to persuade the task. She imagines herself to be a successful matchmaker. Emma was of the view that her new friend should marry a gentleman. She convinced her to reject Martin. She does not find the farmer suitable for her friend. But Harriet has feelings for Martin. She was interested to build a relationship with him. But she was clearly persuaded by Emma to follow her commands. Here we see that Emma somehow shows dejection in her affairs. She herself was never in favour of being married. She does not want to marry someone.

Emma novel Summary in detailed, Critical analysis

She spurs the action between Harriet and Eton. But Eton refuses simply by saying that he has no desire for her. He was interested to make a relationship with Emma Woodhouse. Emma was confused and shocked at his response. She never wants to be someone’s partner. She wants to remain alone. She was just interested to make others feel happy. Knightly was thinking that Harriet should marry Martin and she will be the luckiest girl if she is able to find his affection. Knightly has critical remarks about Emma’s status.  So Emma novel Summary and Critical analysis suggest the problems of women in that era.                                                                       

Emma novel detailed summary and critical analysis now with the progress in the novel Emma has to console Harriet at the decision of Eton. She tells her about the complexity of the situation. She confesses that she has no feelings for the Eton. She was dejected at heart to know about the Eton remarks. Frank Churchill visited the place in order to meet his parents. He was living with his uncle. Emma feels pleasant in the presence of Frank. She attributes this to being attracted by Frank Churchill. But she never disclosed her affection towards him. She condemns her feelings and wants to get rid of them. She was never in favour of matrimonial affairs. She meets a new girl Jane Fairfax in the town. She seems to be jealous of Jane because of her beauty and looks. She welcomes her with less enthusiasm and zeal.

There were rumours about the relationship between Jane and Frank. Jane was working like a governess and was less fortunate in comparison to Emma. She was able to get the favours of knightly. Mr Weston suspects that Knightly is developing some kind of feelings for Jane. But on the other hand, Jane and Frank engaged secretly. Here Emma dismisses her likeness for Frank and starts to assume that there should be a match between Harriet and Frank.

We see Harriet dancing with the Knightly with the consent of Emma. She was humiliated and dejected by the wife of Eton. Harriet tells Emma about her attachment to a new man. She says that she has fallen in love with that man. Emma thinks that she is talking about Frank.  Frank’s aunt and uncle felt no happiness in his decision. There was news about the death of Frank’s aunt. Now after the death of his aunt, he is able to gain the consent of his uncle to marry Jane. Soon this matter was solved and the Couple was tied in a knot of marriage.

Emma now shows her concern that now Harriet can feel dejection at their marriage. But there is a revelation of another fact when Harriet tells Emma that Knightly is the centre of her attraction and affection.  This shocked Emma to hear about their relationship. But Harriet is also shocked when Knightly discloses that his love is for Emma Woodhouse. On the other hand, Robert Martin also shows her concern towards Harriet again. Now Harriet becomes much happier at the arrival of new proposals. This gives a matrimonial touch to the thematic concern of the novel.

This novel progressed to end with the marriage event of Harriet and Martin. This seems to be a quite happy end making the issues to be solved at the end of the novel. Emma throughout the novel remained indifferent to the matrimonial feelings. She did not accept her aunt’s proposal throughout the novel. But in the end, she has to meet with the ultimate reality. She has to approve the proposal. She gives consent to make a match with the knightly. She shows the message about the hubris of a young girl that should be diminished after the course of events.                               

She shows a mainstream idea that conflicts between her ideas to control her vanity and her inner self feelings. This was resolved with the news about her approval of the match of knightly. Emma is about the social manners and the social restrictions on the part of domestic women. Emma has to abandon her role as a matchmaker when she was greatly criticized by the knightly who was a serious guy in the novel. There was a new role for her to be assigned in the future for Emma. Emma seems to be selected for her domestic and matrimonial duties. This was the choice of her destiny for him. She has to hear the feelings of her heart at the end of the novel.

In short, Emma novel is written by Jane Austen, its detailed summary and critical analysis is a documentary about women’s problems and affairs, issues

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