Oroonoko summary, Analysis and ThemeOroonoko summary, Analysis and Theme

Oroonoko Summary, Analysis and Theme

Oroonoko summary, Analysis and Theme talk about the slavery system in Africa during the 1660s under a British colony. Oroonoko novel summary starts here Oroonoko is an African soldier, he lives a very happy life but a general saves his life by sacrificing his life. Oroonoko appears as a capitative and great warrior, who has very much influence. He is the last son of the King of Coramantien, he takes training away from his homeland under a strong and proficient militant. When he reaches the age of seventeen he becomes a general and returns home,¬† Oroonoko makes plans to visit towards general’s residence where he meets a beautiful girl Imonida, he falls in love with her at first sight and he wants to get marriage to her. On the other side, Imonida also likes him but the problem is that they get married they will have to permission from the king, no doubt that the king also has a lot of wives in his palace but when he sees Imonida he falls mad in her love, he prisons her and forces her to get marriage with him, actually, he doesn’t use any force on her he wants to do normal marriage but having prisoned her, he could not awake his love in her heart nor he put off Orroonko’ s love.

On the other side, Orroonko is worried about Imonida. And Imonida is in Otan, Otan is a secret place where nobody can go over there without the king’s permission, if anyone dares to go over there then the king punishes them very hardly. Oroonoko is confused about how he does meet her. This tension is taken relief by the king’s old wife and his friend. When King knows that Oroonoko came into his Otan then he becomes furious and orders that he should be arrested but fortunately, he runs away. But when the king gains knowledge that Imonida has made physical relations then the king annoyed too much and decides to punish Imonida he sales out as a slave to Imonida and it is huge punishment and one thing more thing like add fuels the fire when the king doesn’t tell anyone where is Imonida even though Oroonoko thinks that Imonida has been died but indeed she is alive. Oroonoko has lost the charms of life he seems to be an uncolourful spirit. For him, life has lost its colours and he lives like a stranger. Some people force him into war but he refuses it again and again, insisting of the people he jumps into the war and where he releases his frustrations. At last, he wins the war. After some days a sea captain comes to his land and the captain is considered to be the royal guest that is why Oroonoko decides to receive him but that sea captain intends to be deceitful and arrest them all. He makes them slaves. He makes a promise that he will be freed to them when he sees they are not taking food and water but it was just a trick. The ship reaches Surinam, and Oroonoko is sold out over there rather the sea captain sells out all of them in the market. Mr. Trefry, at this moment, Oroonoko is met by the narrator. She and Trefry try to assure whenever the prince lord-governor Willoughby enters Surinam he will be set free.
As far as Oroonoko summary is concerned, Oroonoko is bought by a man whose name Trefry He tells about him a beautiful lady that he has also as a slave. We should keep one thing in mind such as Oroonoko is a royal king and there he is also different from other slaves he is respected by everyone. Because he has high social status, education, and having been physical appearance, he doesn’t do work, pieces of advice are taken by him. His room is different from other one day, he finds out a beautiful girl in a garden then he is surprised too much when he sees her because this girl look like Imonida. Having seen him becomes happy they meet each other daily and one day they get married. A few days ago, Imonida becomes pregnant he becomes happy but feels ashamed of the status of slavery. He writes a letter to Governor and in this letter, he appeals that they should be free because their current status is not suitable for the coming child. They should go back to their homeland but no answer he receives he writes letters again and again but in vain. At last, Oroonoko takes the weapon in his hands as well as the law he revolts against slavery. By days and nights, his campaign reaches its peak, very many people come under his revolt banner. Governor Bayam becomes upset he plays a trick he says that their demand will be accepted if they surround themselves. He gets ready a contract in return for surrounded they will be free. They surrender but Bayan tears off the contract and once again makes them salve. In cells, they are treated like animals. Their wounds fulfil with red chilli. At that moment, Oroonoko in his heart thinks of further revenge but he also thinks that if he loses or dies then his wife and child will pass their life as slaves. So, he decides to kill his wife in this situation he takes permission from his wife and his wife permits him for killing. He kills his wife with his own hands he cuts off her head but when he cuts off her head. Then he loses his all energy, actually,¬† his wife was his lifeline. He sits so many days before his wife’s crop. On the other side, Byam orders to kill Oroonoko the soldiers capture him and say that they will kill him in small pieces. And they start they cut off his nose ear, etc. but he doesn’t resistance against them rather he continues his pipe. Here the story ended.

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