Bear means a man who has no manners to talk to before a woman and considers a wild animal. The Bear title totally does justify it.

Justify the title of this play Bear

Now, we will argue about whether the title of the Bear is justified or not. There are many meanings of bear in English. Bear means tolerance, idiomatic expression is bear up with, bear means naked but here is a very outspoken person, bear means uneducated, nonsense, out of head, bear means a man who has no manners talk to before a woman and considers a wild animal. This title which name is The Bear title is totally does justify in the meaning of the play here.

According to this play, a woman lives in mourning. Her husband died seven months ago. She never wants to talk to anyone else. She all time lives in her room. She always wears a black dress but Smirnov does not understand the whole situation at all. He teases her in a very strange way.

Indeed, he is an army officer but he behaves as a sentimental boy. Her servant (Luka) is worried about her. He advises her that she has to go outside the room and enjoy herself. But she rejects his advice. She does not keep a smile on her face. Popova all time remembers her late husband.

The meaning of bear tolerance and sadness is a complete fit for Popova and does justify the title of The Bear she tolerates the absence of her husband. As for as tolerance is concerned, it can be seen in the scene when Smirnov disturbs her and demands the money very first when Popova shows very much tolerance. She never goes to panic rather she behaves like a brave woman

On the other hand, the bear is a very dangerous animal. He is the enemy of human beings. In this play Smirnov expositors of this animal. He reaches the house of Papova and he demands to give money quickly. Papova convinces him that when my manager will come back to town, I shall give you money. Smirnov rejects her advice. He uses rude language with Papova and her servant. He fights with Papova. He destroys the peace of Papova.

The above lines show that Smirnov behaves like a bear. He kills the feeling of Popova. We are satisfied with the title of this play and we can say that title of the play The Bear does justify it at all.

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