Smirnov is such a character that we can see in this play “The Bear” that he realizes to readers that he is a well-educated man, civilized, well gentleman and have ethics how to talk before woman but in reality, he has not have enough ethics to talk to a woman and has a narrow mind about women. Smirnov character in the Bear Play first sees when He appears at Popova’s house, so that he may take his loan, which her dead husband took some money from him for the sake of business. When he comes to Popova’s home, he tries to be a very decent person and impresses all the people very much. But in reality, there is a rogue crook who does not have the idea to talk to a woman. But this thing gets allowance when Popova herself tells her that you don’t have the temerity to talk, have you never talked to anyone else like this before? When he hears these words, he becomes out of his head and we see the real Smirnov character in this play The Bear. He calls all other women, including unfaithfulness, abusive and bad.  She is always engaged in making her own, and uses cosmetic items, on the other hand, the man always has the power of love, keeps on burning, gives sacrifices, he says that he knows that a woman can never be faithful. A cat can be two horns but a woman cannot be loyal. Love and loyalty can only be done by crazy and old women. A young woman can never be in love. All of the above lines make the world clear that he has very narrow points of view about women. It seems that he has never seen a woman closely, she only knows the woman physically. He never ever reaches the level of woman dignity.

He just thinks about women as sex toys that provide only physical comfort. He is unaware of woman’s power of love. As soon as this play is going on then you will know that Smirnov appears to be a misanthrope and exchanges his words with Popova that a woman can love a lap dog but cannot love her husband because they are betrothed women. And infidelity has settled her bones. He presents himself as a civilized and decent person. And makes himself clear that he is a very loving and loyal guy and by his words ironically we get to know that he is not loyal because he has too a deceitful face. He had run a campaign that he had done a lot of love affairs in his youth, When he proposed to 12 girls and 12 rejected him, he did not get angry because he too rejected 9 in return. There was a time when he used to wear a lot of jewellery and was saying poetry and soft words and used to love letters but he had passed that time and he says to Popova then “She doesn’t look at me” he said. Because “I’m not sentimental Poppy, I am a mature person but you don’t have any idea” he said.

Smirnov has a hot temperament like that persons are usually become out of their heads, he himself very soon comes in angry ways very soon. And he shows he is a man who keeps himself very much patient, he tries to tell that he is very light-hearted but in reality, he is not ready to go for 1 day and 1 minute without taking his money. Smirnov disturbs her and demands the money very first when Popova shows very much tolerance. She  never goes to panic rather she behaves like a brave woman

The character of Smirnov in the Bear play signifies animal On the other hand, the bear is a very dangerous animal. He is the enemy of human beings. In this play Smirnov expositors of this animal. He reaches the house of Popova and he demands to give money quickly. Popova convinces him that when my manager will come back to town, I shall give you money. Smirnov rejects her advice. He uses rude language with Popova and her servant. He fights with Popova. He destroys the peace of Popova. In this way, Popova calls him A bear.

Actually, he is an opportunist, whenever he gets the chance, he takes advantage of that opportunity which is the same as a real businessman does, he does. There is only one purpose in his life and he wants to earn money, however, at the same time he is very cleaver he knows very well which time is the best for purposing a woman

 He is touched by Popova because he has to take money from her late husband. We see when the play starts he’s non-married, indeed, he is not a well-wisher of women but in the end he gets to marry Popova.

Now he is a very clever businessman and a landlord it is rightly said that a mature businessman man never deals in which he gets a loss same as Lopakhin adopts that deals bestow his profit and he takes full profit in the shape of getting the entire Popova

He wants to play openly that is why whenever Popova talks to him, he simply neither does he accept nor does he refuse, it is a quality of a fair businessman man whenever he (a businessman ) faces that situation usually a mature businessman handles the situation in this way in which second party never minds, the second party might be satisfied by him. Because he provides such an answer in which the second party becomes satisfied. In “The Bear ” the character of Smirnov passes through the same situation but he handles it very artistically. Sometimes conditions demand something different and a man does not want to lose the opportunity and at the same time, he does not avail this opportunity. In these circumstances character of Smirnov performs very differently, he uses the policy of “No”. As we know that “No” means the next opportunity. In the next opportunity, he avails himself in the shape of marriage with Popova. There is no doubt that  he is an opportunistic

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