20th Century poetry

20th century poetry is can be divided into three phases. 20th century poetry can called out the poetry of war, it is no wonder so ever that when an era passes through a phase and condition that era only speaks about that situation. It is not hidden that 20th century was the century of war, more than half century was effected by two major world war.

20th century poetry is also recognized by modern poetry , it is consist of scientific changes, it shows broken faith,

Darwin’s theory makes cause of Adam’s rejection of creation, it means the concept of paradise and hell went into ambiguity. The pedals of Religion were shaken by these theory the classical epic “The paradise lost” considered to be a heap of dust.

Freud’s theory brings about inner self of the man, before of it the man was judged by only surface level but Freud’s theory talks about man’s inner condition.

Marx makes cause of end of the monarchy and feudalism, the conversation has been started about a common man, like Mr. Bleaney the character of Philip Larkin’s poetry.

Frustration and disillusionment

Frustration and disillusionment are the hall mark of that era poetry. John Ashbery‘s Poem the Train suggests that man is all the grip in unseen tensions, he all the time looks like nervous without any serious matter. Economical pressure has destroyed his inner world.


Realism no doubt, Chaucer represents in his work or Canterbury Tales but literary this realism device has been out of the page of literature but when modern poet came into front of the page of literature they started to portray realism in their work.


Expressionism is one the great characteristics of 20th-century poetry. The author leaves on to the reader, he should calculate the real message of the poem, no clear theme is shown in this poetry.

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