Song of Myself by Walt Whitman Summary Analysis and ThemesSong of Myself by Walt Whitman Summary Analysis and Themes


Walt Whitman is a well-known American poet who infused a new spirit in American poetry. The poet is very much interested to propagate his self and individuality in his poems. He does not want to be neglected by the others. However, he wants to have a different and individual outlook on his identity and his ideas. The only purpose of his propagation is that he wants to sub merge his self with the universal ideas. In this article, we will describe Song of Myself by Walt Whitman’s Summary Analysis as well as themes, so that we may understand the whole philosophy of the writer.

This idea includes every inch of detail about the unification of the poet’s self and with the self of mankind. The idea also correlates with the mystical unification of mankind and God. The poet thus adopts the sexual unification of mankind to elaborate the spiritual unification in an absolute way. The poem is aimed at exploring the possibilities of union between mankind in different ways.

The poem consists of three key episodes that must be analyzed while examining the pattern of the poem and the structure of the poem. The first of these episodes can be seen and analyzed in the 6th section of the song by the poet. The poet confronts the questions of a child about the nature of the grass in the section of the poem, in this way, the poem Song of Myself by Walt Whitman reveals its critical analysis summary. The narrator of the poem thus finds out his compulsion to explore his use of symbolism and imagery to answer the question of a child. He deliberately explores his use of symbolism and different techniques.

Walt Whitman is an American poet who infused a new spirit in American poetry. Song of Myself by Walt Whitman Summary Analysis and Themes are vital proof. The poem was published without a title in the Volume of Poems originally. The volume was titled ” Leaves of Grass” in 1855. In 1856, the poet was presented as a poem by Walt Whitman. Walt whit man was interested in the term Song of Myself in 1860. The poem gained much popularity under this title. The changes in the title of the poem brought the poem to be explored at a much deeper level and added much to the meaning and significance of the poem. The poem hints to explore many themes under the title Song of Myself by Walt Whitman.

Theme of regeneration

In the 6th section of the poem, the poet seems to question nature and natural scenery. He answers the questions of a child. The child is holding bunches of grass in his beautiful hands. The bunches of grass are deliberate symbols of hope and regeneration in the long run. But the poet also focuses on the idea of self-realization of every object and considers it also as a common and ordinary object in the daily routine of life.

Grass is also taken as a symbol of democracy in the poem. The poet takes it as a linking voice that unites the depressed and oppressed people in America. The people are hoping to raise their voices in order to get their rights in a proper way. It denotes the idea of democracy which is spread everywhere and the grass is also spread everywhere. The poet also commemorates the victims of civil war in the poem. The grass in the fields reminds him of the victims and the dead bodies of the civil war. The grass serves the purpose of feeding the dead bodies of the victim of the civil war. The poet wants to propagate the idea of the universality of death and he says that every creature in his world will die because it is the law of nature. He sometimes praises nature as a soft thing and sometimes as a cruel object.

The second episode in the poem can be taken as much optimistic and full of hope. The poet has alluded towards the twenty-ninth bathers in this section of the poem. The following section of the poem deals with the experience of a woman who witnesses twenty-eight men bathing. She develops a desire to join them all without letting them know. The women take an interest to add details about the semi-nude bodies of the bathers there and she feels himself enjoying a fantasy.  The idea correlates to Emerson’s transparent eyeball.

The idea of the self

The poet is much interested to explore the personal antiquities in the poem. He is willing to explain his self-identity with the help of a spiritual entity. The spiritual entity in the poem has gained permanent value and relativity. The poet has focused on the importance of the change in his ideas with the passage of time. He wants to explain his experience and ideas in his conscious and personal life and dealings. He is interested to reveal his self-identity before the audience. He not only adds detail about his outer experiences but also about his psychological approach. The poet in his poem deals with the inner working of his mind through the psychological approach. He focuses on the self-working of his mind. He does not want to compromise his individual identity.

The poem Song of Myself by Walt Whitman summary analysis proves that the poem seems to be a combination of a poet’s thoughts and personal ideas on a deeper level/ it seems to be a poetic meditation rendered by the poet in his personal hours. The poem seems to contain some poetical as well as biographical elements related to the poet’s life. The poet is very much interested to explain all the details in the manner of a sermon. The poet is very much interested to revise his work through his inculcation of spiritual and personal thoughts.

The poem seems to be the greatest Epic in American poetry. It takes the value of a great poem and a great epic. The poem follows a Quest pattern and searches for the identity of the poet about his life. The poem is much more common with the epics of classical times. It has similarities in theme and structure with the epic of the classical time. The poet has added classical elements in his poem in order to gain popularity and elegance. The scenes from his birthplace are many remarkable achievements in the poem.

The poet has added these scenes in the poem in order to observe the self and inner workings of his mind. The critics consider it a remarkable thing to stay at one’s birthplace while composing a poetical piece. The poet will remain fresh and calm when he will be able to connect with his birthplace while composing a poetical work. The poet in such an environment will feel relaxed and will be able to witness the working of his own mind in a peaceful manner. The poem is very much rich according to the stylistic feature of the poem. The poem seems to explain man’s yearning to have a relationship with the other mankind in the universe. The poet is very much interested to explain this kind of relationship in the poem.

The poet claims that this kind of unification brings solidarity, peace and joy among them. He is of the view that through unification people bring closer to each other. The poet has infused a sense f romanticism in the poem that seems to be much akin to other senses of the poet in the poem.  The poem can be compared and analyzed with the other greatest poems and epics in regard to the theme and the stylistic features of the poem. The poet has deliberately made it a national song and national epic through the use of diverse themes and scenery in the poem.  

At the end of the poem the poet is very much confused to share his feelings and ideas thus he renders this service in a very condensed and organised way than the other poets of his time. The poet seems to differentiate between the natural and the manmade objects of nature when he was confronting the national waterfront of New York. The poem has thus added details from every perspective of the poet. The poet has thus rendered a great service to add detail about his personal as well as the surrounding environment around him. He focuses on the idea of self-realization of every human being and every object of nature in a very pleasing and beautiful manner. He has added remarkable details about the self of the man through the idea of union which ultimately brings peace and joy for mankind.

The reader of the poem feels in the third section of the poem that poet has made it necessary to speak and communicate with each other in order to have a strong union relationship. He yearns for the actuality of the idea through mankind and propagates the idea in a very convincing manner. We can witness that the poet with the help of the idea of self-realization has put significant importance on individual features and importance of the mankind. The poet has employed symbolism and the technique of sly commentary to discuss different issues related to the personal life and the public life of mankind. In short, Walt Whitman is a poet who infused a new spirit in American poetry. Song of Myself Summary Analysis and Themes are vital proof

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