An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge short story or summary and critical analysis bases on Stream of consciousness Technique.An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge short story or summary and critical analysis bases on Stream of consciousness Technique.

Background of the story An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge

An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge short story or summary and critical analysis based on the Stream of consciousness Technique. And what is Stream of consciousness Technique is told by Virginia Woolf who is the queen of the Stream of consciousness Technique. Virginia Woolf is the female writer to introduce the character study through their mental condition instead of their actions, which is called the Stream of consciousness Technique To the Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf. She hints at their inner thoughts through their monologue and their external actions. ‘’Stream of consciousness’’ is a technique to study the inner thoughts and conflicts of the characters. She employed this technique in the novel ‘’To the Lighthouse’’. She wants to depict and capture the inner reality of a character suffering from some agonistic event and is not capable of exercising that event.  The same is the case with  An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge’s short story or Summary also based on a stream of consciousness Technique.

She builds a connection between their past, present and future same is in Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge short story or Summary She has portrayed her characters in a manner that they exhibit their feelings with their inner thought Ambrose Bierce also does so in this short story Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge. Ambrose Bierce introduced many events with the connection of their thoughts. In Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge uses to elaborate the thoughts of each and every character. He does so with such brilliance that we feel entreated in the thoughts of the character. He depicts their memories and reactions to a particular situation in the past and present. He shifts the narration over time throughout the story. He encourages the significance of their memories through the depiction of their minds. He seems to be critical about his idea of presenting his characters’ thoughts. He gets the reader perplexed that they are unable to hint at the actual setting of the event through the conversation. Stream of consciousness is about discussing the psychoanalytical aspects of the personality of the characters.

An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge Summary, critical analysis

This story An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge has been written by Ambrose Bierce. An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge short story or Summary setting is at a railroad bridge in Alabama It is based on stream consciousness technique. At the start of the summary of the story An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge by Ambrose Bierce, we see that a man is watching the water which is beneath 20 feet, he is at a Stream the man has been bound by ropes his wrists have fastened very tightly, he has stood up on plank which was moving, a rope hanging around his neck this scene reveals that he is being to hung he looks like a prison. Two soldiers were performing their duty, they were placed on the corner of the bridge. In between them, there was a security officer who was standing and seeing the work of the men he had appointed for this task. Two soldiers come towards him and one wood board is plucked off under his feet. Now his eyes are open, their eyes will keep remaining open, and there will be no cover on his eyes Actually, it has been given instructions by authority and there was hanging to be going on. This man again sees into the water.

This man was thinking that he might free his hands from this rope and run away because the water speed was too much, he just will have to take long dive and by the way of the jungle, he might be reached home where his wife and children were waiting for him. But he knew very well that a slight mistake could take his life. First of all, he has to save himself from fire and after it releases his hands and neck otherwise water also might take his life. Indeed, he is a man who’s named Peyton Farquhar  American well-to-do planner.

Peyton Farquhar is a young Alabamian slave owner who has a lot of wealth he wants to be an army officer but he could not go army because of personality issues he is determined to help the army if the need arises at any time. Now, the story goes into the past, He was present with his wife a soldier came into his house who was wearing a green uniform, he received him at the front of the house his wife brought water for this soldier. He talked with him about war actually that time English civil war was moving on and he told him to move solid near the bridge Union is making stock. The soldier also warns him that if anyone will think about destroying this bridge then he will be hanged. Clearly, it is announced that if anybody or a civilian will try to tamper with the railway road then he will be hanged. There will be no mercy at all. And this information is told by a soldier to Peyton Farquhar, it is also informed that the soldier to Farquhar that a heap of flammable wood has gathered near the bridge. after informing he left him. Indeed, this soldier is actually a Union scout.

But he has decided. Now the story starts again in present actually this was his past. He is feeling pain in his wrists as well as his neck and he is trying to release his hands and neck. After some movement, he jumps into the water, the firing is starting but he swims as long as possible. He knows very well that if he stops, he will die. And in running actually life is covered up. He has very tired. He is feeling pain in his neck his feet have been swollen. He does not feel quite well, he also feels hungry but the remembrance of the children and wife is coming very intense. This thing provided him with energy. He keeps running till the next day. At last, he reaches his home where his wife is standing and waiting for him. Today, she seemed to be very beautiful, he moves towards her and after that movement a horn rings, and everywhere spreads silence. Actually, he is hanged and indeed he was seeing a dream he was in the present and was exist on the bridge.

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