The Blue Umbrella by Ruskin Bond Summary and Book Review reveals many stories in itself like love, hate, materialistic love, kindness, envyThe Blue Umbrella by Ruskin Bond Summary and Book Review reveals many stories in itself like love, hate, materialistic love, kindness, envy

In this topic, we will discuss The Blue Umbrella by Ruskin Bond Summary and book Review in full detail so that the reader may understand the theme of the story.

The Blue Umbrella by Ruskin Bond Book Review

Actually, it is a novel, especially for children. Ruskin Bond has a special trend toward children’s work, it is not to say wrong he is a writer of children. The book THE BLUE UMBRELLA has been written by Ruskin Bond in 1980. This novel also adapts the same name film in Hindi. This story has very many stories in itself like love, hate, materialistic love, kindness, envy, etc. This story shows materialistic things are nothing real thing is humanity. Happiness is not meant to say you have those things that you have desired but happiness is that if you make happy one in life,  it is real happiness. We should value man not things. And another critical view is that contentment is everything if you have a contented heart then you could not prey on any trouble in life, otherwise greed evokes your emotions and these emotions lead toward destruction.

In this topic we will discuss The Blue Umbrella by Ruskin Bond Summary,  book Review  and Setting

In the village of Garhwal lives a girl whose name is Binya who is hardly ten years old. She lives with her widow’s mother and her older brother. She innocent girl who has dreams but they are all base on realistic approaches. Her village Garhwal has very much significance for tourism, tourists usually visit her village. She usually grazes her cows, Gori and Neelu. She looks after them if they do not come back to her home she goes behind them.

Binya is grazing her cow when visitors come over there they have come over there for holidays. They have a blue umbrella which is very beautiful and that umbrella fascinates Binya. She desires it in her heart. Meanwhile, the visitors come towards her and they talk with her about her village and lifestyle. A woman sees a leopard-claw pendant around her neck. She demands that she wants to buy it. But Binya refuses to accept money. The woman offers what she wants to get she bluntly gives her gesture towards the blue umbrella. When she exchanges the leopard-claw pendant for a blue umbrella she considers herself the happiest girl in all over the world because she has got what she has cherished desires.
After Binya reaches her home she is too much happy, and she has decided that she will keep it with her whenever she goes outside. A few days passed away then the blue umbrella has been hot talk among the villagers. The children praise her blur umbrella very much and she becomes happy. Everyone has wish that he/ she should see a blue umbrella and Binya does not mind if anyone asks to her for holding an umbrella, she willingly offers her umbrella. Actually, the Blue umbrella has been identified as Binya. Even though some of them assume how she got the blue umbrella, having been she is a poor girl in this world but she never minds the reactions of the people because she knows what is real happiness.

As far as The Blue Umbrella by Ruskin Bond Summary and book Review are concerned, a man Ram Bharosa, in Garhwal village has a shop in which he has Coca-Cola with no ice, tea, curd or sweets. He is fascinated by a blue umbrella, he actually wants that umbrella at any cost so that is why he offers free toffee to Binya and her brother Bijju. Binya shows her restraint she doesn’t accept the offer because she never ever losses her umbrella. When he sees Binya is not coming under control then he gives free chocolates to her brother Bijju on a credit basis. His aim is getting an umbrella, not humanity here, he is playing a trick for the sake of an umbrella.
On the other side, the holidays have to start and Ram Bharosa has appointed a new servant whose name is Rajaram, and he belongs to a nearby village. Ram Bharosa utilizes his servant for getting the blue umbrella he gets ready to steal the blue umbrella and the boy becomes ready for this task. Unfortunately, the boy does not succeed in his mission and he openly discloses that her owner Ram Bharosa actually forces him to get the umbrella.
When this matter discloses before each. Ram Bharosa shop sell decreases day by day. No one agrees to come to his shop. On the other side, Binya blames herself, somehow or somewhere she is considering herself guilty and whenever she passes through Ram Bharosa’s shop she closes her umbrella she is realizing that materials nothing never can be made more important than human beings.
Almost two weeks pass away then one customer appears at his shop, she is not any other girl but Binya. She puts the coin on his counter dusk and demands one chocolate. Ram Bharosa is a little bit confused and is thinking that either she wants to him make a fool. He checked the coin very minutely when he becomes satisfied then he gives her chocolate. She picks up the chocolate and leaves her umbrella. Ram Bharosa chases her and tells her that she has forgotten her umbrella in his shop. She politely says that she doesn’t have any of it. He can keep it, then Ram Bharosa realizes that Binya has understood real content and beauty is the inner self, in materials thing there is nothing. Binya’s happiness is concealed in her villagers, in her family, in village beauty not in a blue umbrella.
When Binya forgives him, then people once again believe in him and they start to come to his shop, there is a rush, he also happy having been gained the blue umbrella, but now he is a totally changed person he welcomes everyone without any personal reasons.
One day Ram Bharosa finds a bear’s claw outside his shop, it is usually assumed that lucky. Ram Bharosa decided to give it to Binya, he goes towards a blacksmith’s shop and orders him that he must be prepared a pendant. He gifts it to Binya and says that it is luckier than a leopard claw. Binya having collected that gift has become happy.


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