The Fly Short Story Questions Answers

In this article, we will discuss The Fly Short Story Questions Answers in detail so that the student may understand its summary, its theme or themes, its symbols, or symbolism technique and title justification which are used in this story “The Fly’. In this article, we will inform you about all themes, summary symbols, title justification a well as well as complete questions and answers that are below mentioned. Actually it is a critical analysis of the story The Fly Note Click here for a summary of the story The Fly story is filled full with symbolism indeed.

“The Fly “ is a tragic story. Discuss 

What is the theme of the story “The Fly

“The Fly” is a story about the conquest of time and our grief. Discuss.


“The Fly” is a tragic story. The central idea that runs through. It is the conquest of time over grief.

                “Time is a great healer and soother “

It provides solace against our misery and sorrows. It makes us forget our sorrows and helps us run the daily affairs of life by overcoming our grief. 

One day, Mr. Woodsfield visits his boss in his office. He tells him that his daughters happened to go to Belgium. There they visited their brother’s grave. They also visited his son’s grave. The graveyard is well-kept. He narrates the details in a carefree mood. There is no touch of grief in it. Time has healed his wounds of separation. Then he leaves. 

In a short time has conquered his grief. Now he cannot even a tear in spite of his best efforts.

The Fly Short Story Questions Answers

Question No 2:

 What do time and Fly symbolize in The Fly Story?

The Fly story critical analysis (Discuss)

 What is the main theme or moral lesson or message of the story, “The Fly”? 

How would you justify that the story, “The Fly” is a symbolic story? Explain 

Everybody in the story is the fly. Explain 

“There is no escape from death”. Explain 

“As flies to wanton boys are we to gods”; The kill “The Fly” Katherine Mansfield. Explain 

Trace out the “symbol meanings of the Fly and time in the story” “The Fly”. Explain 

The theme of the story. Explain briefly.


The Fly story symbolism

In this story The Fly has very many symbols or symbolism, it seems that it is the hallmark of symbolism, symbolism is a technique in which the writer intensifies his idea in a deeper sense rather than surface. “The Fly” is a symbolic story. The fly has been used as a symbol. Professor Stallman explains the symbol of the fly equating it with the Boss, his employees and his son. The surface theme of the story seems a conflict between grief and time in which, time provides an affecting solace to the victim of fate. Winning the conflict against. Thomas A. Bledsoe says that the story illustrates the gentle saying. The Fly story in a critical way can be analyzed in this term.

In the same way, we are at the mercy of fate. The writer herself may stand for a fly who was killed like a fly. The son of the Boss is a killer in the war .with the passage of six years. Boss forgets his grief. His grief. Refreshes when his friend tells him about his daughters and visits to the graves. Now the Boss wants to weep and cry in loneliness.

As that moment, a fly drops into the inkpot. It tries desperately to save itself. The Boss picks it out and drops it on the paper. The fly dries its wings and is about to fly. The Boss drops a more drop of ink at it. When it again dies up and tries to fly, the Boss again drops another drop of link at it. Now the fly is totally exhausted and it falls dead . There is no escape from death. In this way, he takes revenge of his son, death and kills the fly in this sport for nothing.

In short, the boss is the symbol of the strong and the powerful. The fly is the symbol of the weak and the helpless. Time is the symbol of conquest and peace against our grief. The theme of the story is, There is no escape from death. Every living thing has to taste death sooner or later. So in the end we can say that The Fly story is fill full with symbolism

The Fly Short Story Questions Answers

Question No 3:

 Write a note on the memories of the Boss about his dead son.

 How did Boss feel when he came to know of Woodsfield, s daughter’s visit to his son’s grave?

What was the reaction of the Boss when Mr. Woodsfield made a mention of his son,s grave?


The Boss had a promising son. He was killed in the war six years past. Time conquest his grief and he totally forgets his death. 

One day, Mr. Woodsfield comes to his office. He tells him that his daughters have happened to go to Belgium to visit their brother’s grave. They have visited the grave of the son of the boss also. He asks the boss, if he has seen his son’s grave. This news is like a bolt from the blue for him. He is greatly shocked. He gets upset. He says that for certain reasons, he has not been able to visit his grave for six years.

Mr Woodsfield goes away. The Boss is alone in the room. He calls his assistant Macey and says.  

“I shall see nobody for hele an hour, Macey”

He falls on the spring chair, covers, his face and tries to weep and cry. He feels as if the earth had opened his son’s grave and he had seen the boy lying there. When his son was killed he thought that he would never overcome his grief. Time would make no difference. He loved him passionately He wanted to leave behind a flourishing business for him. His son also worked in the office. He was a promising youth. Everybody in the office liked him. The Boss was proud of him. He could have shown his worth if it Allah had given him a few years more to live.

Now he feels himself changed Time has conquered his grief. He looks at the boy’s photograph. His expression seems to him unnatural

as he had never looked that

The Fly Short Story Questions Answers

Question No. 4:

What does the Boss do to the fly that into his inkpot?

The Fly story critical analysis (Discuss)

Describe briefly the fate of the lie that has fallen into the inkpot.

Write a few lines on the ‘and Fly” game of the Boss What does this act signify? 


The Fly story critical analysis can be checked out by these senses, the boss is lost in the memories of his son Suddenly, he catches sight of a fly that has fallen into his broken inkpot It is trying desperately to come out of it He picks the fly out and shakes it on to a piece of blotting paper The fly lies still for a moment. Then it starts cleaning its wings and legs expands its body and is about to fly. The horrible danger of death is over. It is sure of its new life Just then, the Boss has an idea. He wants to test its courage He puts a drop of ink on its wings. The fly lies silent. Then it again starts cleaning its wings The boss again repeats this callous action. Three times the fly makes efforts to escape from the clutches of death and is sure of its new life. The boss drops ink on it for the fourth time also. Now, the fly is totally exhausted and it cannot stir, its hind legs are not seen at all it lies dead there. He lifts it on the end of the paper knife and flings it into. He wastes paper baskets. In this way, the cruel boss takes revenge for the death of his only son on destiny by killing the fly.

In short, as fate has killed his son, he has killed the fly. This is how the strong and the powerful oppress the weak and put them to death. This time activity makes the boss forget his grief for the time stand.

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