The  monkey's paw short story summary, theme and meaning reveals that fate and destiny make their own path, we should not fight against them.

The Monkey’s paw summary, theme and meaning

The Monkey’s Paw Theme

The Monkey’s Paw is a story which is based on a fictional situation. The Monkey’s paw is meaning the hand of the monkey but in this story the Monkey’s paw is dead indeed The monkey’s paw is a symbol of lust, desire, and greed. The Monkey’s Paw short story summary, theme and meaning reveal that fate and destiny make their own path, and we should not fight against them.

The Monkey’s paw summary

When The Monkey’s Paw summary or story starts White family is setting father and son playing the game of Chess. The game is in crucial moments and at the end, the son wins the game. Meanwhile, the sergeant the friend of  White’s family comes into the house and talks about his experiences and feelings about the subcontinent of India.
He says that he meets a Fakir (who is a man who knows the secrets of life and is willing of God. Actually, by this saint or fakir, we reach the real theme of the story ” The Monkey’s Paw”. He finds out about the monkey’s paw from that fakir, actually through this monkey’s paw the fakir narrates that nobody can far away his or her fate if anyone wants to change his fate by any resources fate will do unwell with him. He also suggests that three men can wish and all of the three can have three wishes. Actually, Sergeant-Major Morris has utilized his three wishes and now he has faded up by this paw he wants to get rid of as soon as possible.  Sergeant-Major Morris gains this monkey’s paw from this man who already has achieved two wishes and the third wish was that he wished to die. After his death, Morris got that monkey’s paw. Moreover, the White family does not believe in him, they take him as a fool and nonsense. He wants to sell out this paw but nobody can buy this paw because this paw seems to be false and fake, so no one without proof can buy this bad monkey’s paw. His main reason behind selling the monkey’s paw indeed he can not bear any more trouble in his future life. In disappointed mode, he throws out that paw into the fire meanwhile,  White cries loudly and says what are doing Sergeant-Major Morris if you do not need this paw it does not mean we have no need of it, he saves this paw very urgent.
The Monkey’s Paw summary reveals that Mr. White deplores him what is method of wishing, Morris once again warns him that ” I once again warn you please don’t do that after it, I will not responsible for any damage.
On insist of Mr. White, Morris becomes helpless before Mr. White he says that uplifts the monkey’s paw in his right hand and says his wish whatever is in his mind. After this conversation, they chit chat and a few moments later Mr. Morris goes out. This family conversed altogether and after it, they think what thing they should need, few seconds later Mr. Herbert tells his father his family premium is pending and that is 200pound, it must be wished about premium. Mr. White does so but nothing do at that time after it the family go to their bed to sleep.
In the morning time, when breakfast is being taken then the family talk about Mr. Morris nonsense attitude, they reach the result in the army most of the people become ill and fool like Mr. Morris has been mad that is why he is talking about this bad monkey’s paw. Mr. Herbert goes away on his duty and Mr. and Mrs. White indulge their daily routine. A bell door rings, they open the door and find two people who are quite stranger and tell them. Their son has died. He died during working in a running machine, he has been crushed in that machine. But the company will pay 200-pound money in return for his casualty.
Both are very sad and their time is passing through very hard Mr. White usually weeps in her husband’s absence in the remembrance of his younger son. One night Mrs. White finds out his wife is not present on his bed, actually, she is weeping in another room close to the window. Her husband consoles her it is the will of God, we can not do before Him. Suddenly, Mrs. White speaks about the monkey’s paw she says where is the monkey’s paw, we have two more wishes. She deplores before her husband we should offer the next wish in the shape of alive returning his son. Mr. White is not interested in this nonsense act but the insistence of his wife he has to do so, he uplifts the monkey’s paw and wishes his son come into life once again. But there is nothing happens, they go to their bed at midnight and they listen to a knock on their door, they ask who’s there but there is no reply his wife runs away very fast having said, it is her son. She reaches close to the door but she could not open the door. Her husband consoles her it is not our son he has died. But she can not listen to her. Meanwhile, his husband remembers that he has one more wish he uplifts the monkey’s paw and says “Please go away who are you out the door”. After it the knocking stops and the story ends up here.

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